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B2FS Blister Packaging Machine

B2FS Blister Packaging Machine

The B2FS is a semi-automatic, two station rotary combination blister forming and sealing machine. It uses pre-cut plastic sheets which are formed and then sealed on the same tool for a variety of pre-cut lidding materials ranging from aluminum foil, paper, sterilizable backing and blister cards.

Operation of the Machine:

  • The pre-cut plastic is placed onto the mold, the table is then rotated manually. The machine is activated by hand and the forming is accomplished
  • While forming is being done on tool #1, the pre-cut plastic is placed onto tool #2, then the table is rotated to form on tool #2
  • Tool #1 with the finished /formed blister is now ready for loading the product and lidding stock.
  • While sealing is being done on tool #1, tool #2 is being loaded with product and the lidding stock after which the table is rotated, the finished product is removed from tool #1 and you are ready for the second cycle.
B2FS Blister Packaging Machine Dimensions

Functions: Forming and Sealing

Table Rotation: Manual

Heater Plate Size: 7.5" x 11.75"

Max. Tool Height: 2.75"

Number of Tool Blocks: 2

Production Rate: Depends on the Material. Up to 6 Double Cycles per Minute.

Electric: 1PH 110/220 V 15/10 A

Air pressure: 100 PSI

Air consumption: 2.7 GPM/Sealing, 4.4 GPM/Forming

Machine Weight: 200 LBS

B2FS Blister Packaging Machine Sample B2FS Blister Packaging Machine Optional Cooler

-Blister Packages

Optional Cooler (Artic 5)-

Cold Forming Aluminum Blister Bench-Top Machine Alu-Form 2TM

Alu-Form 2™ Bench-Top Cold Forming Aluminum Blister Machine

Alu-Form2 is a compact aluminum cold forming blister machine. This machine is ideal for small runs, such as clinical trials, product development, marketing samples and material testing. The machine is built to allow for easy change over which usually can be accomplished in less than then 30 minutes. The tooling is manufactured as a set and marked accordingly. The machine is equipped with a safety feature that requires two hand operation.

Cold Forming Aluminum Blister Bench-Top Machine Alu-Form 2TM

Dimensions: 19"x 24" x 20" high

Air Requirements: 90 - 120 PSI

Operating Speed: 3 to 5 cold formed foils per minute

Foil dimension: 8 ½ X 4 ¾

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