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BB-1 Filler for BB Flex Packaging

BB-1 Filler

The BB-1 Filler is a self standing machine for filling pouches with a spout.

Speed: 10 to 16 Bags per Minute (Depending on Product).

Utilities: 110/220 VAC and Compressed Air at 60 PSI

Included Stations:

  • Manual Bag Loading
  • Bag Erecting
  • Bag Filling
  • Cap Torque Mechanism
  • Automatic Filled and Capped Bag Removal
  • Take Away Conveyor

Available Options:

  • Code Printer
  • Automatic Cap Sorter and Placer
  • Various Liquid Fillers (Piston, Peristaltic, Gravity, Hot Fill, etc.)

More info about our BB Flex Packaging is available here